Carnaval 2014

Carnival is celebrated the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday with traditional Catholics to mark the beginning of Lent, a period of fasting and abstinence that lasts for 40 days, sothe Carnival or Carnestoltes party, as it is known in Catalonia, represents a last chance to celebrate and enjoy the pleasures of life. Today, the celebration lasts five days, starting on Thursday (Jueves Ladero) and ending on Ash Wednesday.

Rua held that Saturday, for example in historic districts of Gràcia, Horta and Sants. The Rua are parades of floats and people who, carrying imaginable costumes, dance and play the rhythm of a joyful and contagious music. The tour starts around 20:00 pm and lasts about two hours. It is usually a family event enjoyed by children and adults.

Carnival in Barcelona is relatively quiet, even in bars and nightclubs as Nick Havanna or the Sala Bikini have parties to celebrate that last until late. For the more adventurous, there is the Carnival in Sitges where it is armed a very, very lively party.


There are few towns that can boast a world-famous carnival. In Sitges (28,000 inhabitants), 30km from Barcelona, is built on a great show which brings 300,000 people, full of color and sensuality that can compete with any other city. It is good to know that Sitges became a refuge from intolerance and censorship in the Franco era, and has remained a mecca for the gay community.

Sitges Carnival is an amazing spectacle that lasts all week. The parades are a true display of aesthetic and artistic creativity. Wealth of costumes, makeup, feathers, sequins, bold fantasy models, improbable scenarios over mobile platforms theater. Dare to join!

Among the highlights include a Fireworks show (after the election of the king and queen of carnival), a Carnival for children and the Rua de l’Extermini (the parade of destruction), usually filled of DragQueens to the brink of madness. On Ash Wednesday, at one end a bit surreal, a huge statue of a sardine is buried on the beach. The whole event is also known for its security, which is important for lovers of pure fun and pride for the town of Sitges.

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The best way to get to Sitges from Barcelona is by train from Passeig de Gracia or Sants Station. During these days there is a continuous special service (information on train schedules and rates of RENFE).

In Barcelona there are several sites for renting and buying costumes. Please do not be shy, and we will love to see the pictures post onAltiroBarcelona Facebook and see who is the original!

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