Calçots season has begun

Catalonia is full of traditions and customs: the Castellers, the Sardana, the Pa amb tomàquet, … but in the gastronomy The Calçots are a typical Catalan delicacy.

One of the most commonly accepted versions of the origin of the calçots says its discovery is due to Xat de Banigues, a farmer in the late nineteenth century in the area of Valls (Catalonia), which inadvertently prepared grilled some “onions “overheated. They burned all the outside and instead of throwing them away, peeled the outer layers burned, finding that the interior was very tender and tasty. And therein lies the story, it comes to these calls Calçots onions and a sauce called romesco Salvitxada type. The funny thing is how they eat because it is impossible not to get your hands dirty!Calçots

After the calçots comes a selection of grilled meats, which vary. Most commonly you’ll find lamb and botifara, a type of spiced pork sausage found all over Catalonia, but chicken, beef and rabbit are also common.

The Calçots commonly consumed in the winter months and although it originated in Valls, a Tarragona region, have spread throughout Catalonia. In virtually all Catalan restaurants Masías-Restaurants find on menus Calçotades at this time of year: calçots, snails, sausage with beans, bread with tomato and cream Catalan! Bon profit, friends!

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