Easter is coming!

This Sunday is “Domingo de Ramos” when the streets are filled withh children with palms, palmones, olive branches, laurel … to be blessed and so good luck the rest of the year the whole family.


 During the following weekend there are some processions around the city and on Monday April 6th (Lunes de Pascua) is tradition to eat “La mona de Pascua” it is a cake accompanied by several figures of chocolate. The godfather present to the godchildren on the Mona Day (Día de la Mona)

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The Chinese year 4713 begins 19 February

The Chinese New Year celebration lasts 15 days and ends with the Lantern Festival.

At the Chinese Lantern Festival, you will be able to experience this celebration live and search for good luck amongst the colours and lights of the impressive figures exhibited.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year 4713, or the Year of the Goat, begins 19 February, 2015.

Año Chino 2015

2015, Year of the Goat

According to the Chinese horoscope, those born in the Year of the Goattend to be sincere, honest, timid, very creative, helpful to those who need support, and compassionate.

They defend those who are most weak against mistreatment and they know how to forgive mistakes. They are quickly held in high regard by people and prefer small get-togethers over large celebrations. In fact, they are homebodies and family-oriented.

During the Year of the Goat, it is customary for families to find a way to reunite and reconcile. The Year of the Goat will not return for another 60 years, which is why many quarrelling families seek reconciliation.

2015 will contribute much creativity and innovation in art, music and food.


Catalonia is full of traditions and customs: the Castellers, the Sardana, the Pa amb tomàquet, … but in the gastronomy The Calçots are a typical Catalan delicacy.

One of the most commonly accepted versions of the origin of the calçots says its discovery is due to Xat de Banigues, a farmer in the late nineteenth century in the area of Valls (Catalonia), which inadvertently prepared grilled some «onions «overheated. They burned all the outside and instead of throwing them away, peeled the outer layers burned, finding that the interior was very tender and tasty. And therein lies the story, it comes to these calls Calçots onions and a sauce called romesco Salvitxada type. The funny thing is how they eat because it is impossible not to get your hands dirty!Calçots

After the calçots comes a selection of grilled meats, which vary. Most commonly you’ll find lamb and botifara, a type of spiced pork sausage found all over Catalonia, but chicken, beef and rabbit are also common.

The Calçots commonly consumed in the winter months and although it originated in Valls, a Tarragona region, have spread throughout Catalonia. In virtually all Catalan restaurants Masías-Restaurants find on menus Calçotades at this time of year: calçots, snails, sausage with beans, bread with tomato and cream Catalan! Bon profit, friends!

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In Barcelona sales start on January 7th. (even this year some shops started earlier) After King Day and until the end of February, you have a meeting with the winter season’s sale. Who does not like shopping? Viva Shopping and here, Barcelona is the Queen! During these days the shops in town do not leave anything in the store: clothing, shoes, home, jewelry … it’s time to search and dig, but above all, to find!

From the Port Vell to Raval, the Rambla, the Gothic Quarter, past the Plaza de Catalunya and continuing for the Example, Passeig de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya down to the Diagonal. The city enjoys walking slowly and aimlessly, goes to all the stores you like, sniffs, digs and enjoy!

In the El Corte Inglés (localisation) Mall is tradition see a congregation in full pilgrimage. Watch out when the doors open, everyone wants to be the first! Zara and Mango continues to demonstrate that clothing stores are the most sought to find great or rather, small prices. We can not let a cheerful dressed in the famous original or a chain Desigual or a gem in  Bagues, one of the oldest jewelers in the city.

If we want to find shoes, the best is definitely Pelayo Street. Thousands of shoes, heels, sneakers, boots woman and man can be seen in its large windows.

In most glamorous stores in Paseo de Gracia do not know if they have a good sale, but yes in the small, warm ‘ateliers’ in Borne where they will spoil you to find the best garment.

You can take a rest having a coffee at the classic Zurich, one of the bars in the Plaza Catalunya while watching the crowd with their bags on their backs and their happy faces. Sounds good right? Welcome to the Barcelona Shopping Sale!

En Barcelona empiezan las rebajas el día 7 de enero (aunque este año algunas tiendas han empezado antes). Después de Reyes y hasta final de febrero, tienes cita con las rebajas de la temporada de invierno. Y es que ¿a quién no le guste ir de tiendas? Viva el Shopping y en esto, Barcelona es la Reina! Durante estos días las tiendas de la ciudad no dejan nada en el almacén: Ropa, zapatos, hogar, joyas,… es el momento de buscar, rebuscar y sobretodo, de encontrar!

Desde el Port Vell hasta el Raval, la Rambla, el Barrio Gótico, pasando por la plaza de Catalunya y continuando por el Example, Passeig de Gracia y la Rambla de Catalunya hasta llegar a la Diagonal. Goza de la ciudad paseando sin prisa y sin rumbo, entra a todas las tiendas que te apetezca, husmea, escarba y diviértete!

En los grandes almacenes de El Corte Inglés (localización) ya es tradición ver una congregación en pleno peregrinaje. Cuidado cuando abran las puertas, todos quieren ser los primeros! Zara y Mango siguen demostrando que en ropa de vestir son las tiendas mas buscadas para encontrar grandes o, mejor dicho, pequeños precios. Tampoco podemos dejar pasar un alegre vestido en la famosa y original cadena Desigual o una joya en Bagues, una de las joyería mas antiguas de la ciudad.

Si queremos encontrar zapatos, la mejor calle es sin duda la calle Pelayo. Miles de zapatos, tacones, bambas, botas de mujer y hombre se pueden ver en sus grandes escaparates.

En las tiendas mas glamorosas en Paseo de Gracia no se si hacen muchas rebajas pero si, en las pequeños y cálidos ‘ateliers’ del Borne en dónde os mimarán hasta encontrar la mejor prenda.

Descansaremos por supuesto tomando un café en el clásico Zurich, uno de los bares de la plaza Cataluña mientras observamos a la multitud con sus bolsas a cuestas y sus caras alegres. Suena bien ¿verdad? Bienvenidos a la Barcelona Shopping Sale!