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Primeros pasos en Barcelona

First Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia with a population of over 5 million people in the metropolitan area. The city provides a home to many people from all around the world with different cultures who live side by side. Barcelona is also very popular by tourists who come in great numbers and flood the city during the summer months. The intriguing history of Barcelona and her origins go back more than 2,500 years when Phoenicians and Carthaginians settled in the area and chose to have a commercial port. The architecture in the city still demonstrates her rich history for the ones who know where to look.
Every year thousands of students come to pursue their study or language courses in Barcelona. An increasing number of students have decided to pursue their Master here for the last couple of years. The Masters Lounge aims to accommodate the needs for students, especially those Master students who come to Barcelona to study. We have created an interactive on- and offline community powered by Master Students created for Master Students.

This community unites Master students so they can share their experiences, build an inter-school network and get great deals with Masters Lounge´s partner brands but also can help students who are thinking of coming to Barcelona and would like some inside information about where to study, where to live and general information regarding Barcelona. On this website a lot of information is featured but the most useful aspect is probably our forums. Here actual students, alumni and potential students can get in direct contact with each other and discuss anything freely.

Have a look here for practical information regarding Barcelona or the first things you should do upon arrival. For any questions you can always refer to our forum or contact us directly! The Masters Lounge vision is: Students for Students!!

First Things to do in Barcelona
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