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Primeros pasos en Barcelona

First Things to Do in Barcelona

Students from outside the European Union: First Residence Card (NIE):
If you are a citizen from outside the European Union and willing to stay in Barcelona for a year or more, then you have to apply for a residence card (called NIE, Numero de Indetificacion de Extranjeria). This residence card is used to replace the visa that you used to enter to Spain. You should start the procedure to obtain the card as soon as possible (within a month since your entrance to Spain).

In order to get your student residence card, you should follow the following procedure:
1) Prepare all the required documents: Once to apply, you should get the following documents prepared:
 a. Application form: form Ex-17 (available for free in  should be filled, signed and copied. You need to submit original and copy. 
b. Passport: the original and a copy of the page of your personal data (including expiry date), the visa and the stamp that shows your entry to European Union.
c. In case that your passport has not been stamped when you entered to the European Union, provide a
copy of your travel ticket or any other document that can prove your entry date.
d. A registration letter from your school or university. It has to identify the duration and dates of your study (from October to June, for example). Original and copy.
e. Certification of economy means availability: you should submit bank statement shows that you have
enough money to survive in Spain (around 600 euros a month).
f. Medical health insurance. Original and copy.
g. Three recent photographs (Carnet size in colour and with a white background).
h. Your registration in the city hall (empadronamiento). Check (link to our part) for more info.
2) Once you have prepared all above documents, go to the police office located in Calle Guadalajara, 1-3 (it is the back side of a very big police office located at Calle Balmes, 192), in Barcelona. Their timetable is from Monday to Friday, from 9h to 14h. This procedure normally takes a quite long time, so prepare yourself to spend the whole morning of the day you go to apply to your card.
3) Once you have applied, they will give you a tax form, where you will have to pay around 10 euros. You will have to pay it and take it the day when you go to pick up your card up. You can pay this tax at any bank desk (from 9h to 14h) or at any ATM machine (the ones with bar reader).
4) You will be granted a one year residence card, if your studies are going to last more than a year, you should renew the card before your residence permit expires.
5) The residence permit card contains your identification number in Spain, called NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) (Identification number of Foreigners). With this card you can also travel freely within all Schengen area.
First Things to do in Barcelona
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